Only 42% of marketers understand what “headless” means

Jan 18, 2021 | Content marketing, Online advertising

Only 42% of marketers understand what “headless” means
Less than half (42%) of marketers are confident in their understanding of the term “headless CMS”, according to new research.

The new research, which comes from Magnolia’s report, Head to Headless incorporates data from 1000 marketing and IT professionals across the USA, UK, Germany, Spain and Singapore. The report explores the benefits and challenges of headless content management systems, in which the visual frontend (head) has been removed, allowing content to be published across any channel or device.

While less than half of marketers understand what “headless” means, 85% are at least aware of the term. By contrast, 82% feel confident in their knowledge of traditional (non-headless) CMSs.

Despite a lack of confidence surrounding headless tech, Magnolia’s research shows that there are clear benefits to adopting a headless CMS. Of those marketers who have made the switch, 50% have increased the speed at which they publish content and launch new customer experiences.

Commenting on these findings, Rasmus Skjoldan, CMO at Magnolia said “While headless content management systems offer clear benefits to marketers, there remains a lot of confusion around this technology. Usually this comes down to the lack of a clear, visual frontend, which makes it harder for marketers to visualize how their content will appear once it’s been published.

“To overcome this, many marketers are now looking to build a hybrid ‘visual headless’ solution. This approach blends headless technology with the traditional full CMS experience — giving marketers the best of both worlds. Content can still be created, distributed and re-purposed without limits, but marketers still have access to user-friendly interfaces and content previews.”

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