Salesforce revamps Sales Cloud with AI tools

Apr 1, 2021 | Ad tech, Online advertising

Salesforce revamps Sales Cloud with AI tools
CRM firm Salesforce has launched a new version of Sales Cloud, reimagined with newly available AI-driven features specifically designed to help businesses drive growth in a world where selling and buying has drastically changed.

Sixty-one percent of sales people believe their roles have changed permanently since COVID-19 began.even when salespeople are able to get back on the road and into offices, 51% expect to travel less than they did pre-pandemic[2], and fewer than half expect to go back to the office.

With business optimism at an all-time high as CEOs expect a return to growth in 2021, companies must quickly create new sales processes and adapt to new technology to ensure they can lead in this competitive landscape.

Sales organizations will be tasked with measuring business health where there is no sales baseline, benchmark, or year-over-year comparison to track performance against.

“Salesforce created the playbook for sales 22 years ago, and today we’re rewriting it for an all-digital world,” said Warren Wick, EVP AMER Commercial Sales and Chief Revenue Officer, Sales Cloud. “Over the past year, we held more than six million calls with customers to understand what they needed to be successful as they worked to transform their business with more urgency than ever before. We’ve reimagined Sales Cloud to guide every company as they rethink the digital sales experience, from leads to coaching to processing revenue.”

You can read all about what’s new here.

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