Sigma launches Workplace Express to improve remote working and collaboration

May 6, 2020 | Online advertising, Skills

Sigma launches Workplace Express to improve remote working and collaboration
UX agency Sigma has launched Workplace Express, a platform for streamlining internal communications and working practices, while working remotely, to help businesses continue to operate during the current global crisis.

The UX design agency has created a digital workplace hub that allows workers to collaborate and connect, and access vital communications and digital tools quickly, while working apart.

Sigma’s Workplace Express is based on its digital workplace platform, Core Workplace – a fully-fledged digital solution, based on Microsoft O365, that enables businesses to easily distribute information and share digital tools.

The Express package has been created as a leaner version of the platform including the most important, and frequently used features to allow for quicker set-up, in just 2-3 weeks. The platform enables set-up an information and communications hub with access to tools and apps used by team members wherever they are, to help them keep working and stay efficient.

Additional functionality can be added to the platform at any stage as businesses establish the tools they need to connect colleagues, distribute vital internal communications, and keep the business operating while it is split over multiple sites.

Sigma is also waiving the license fee for the first three months, as all businesses continue to adapt to new ways of remote working, and select which tools are most suitable and secure for its individual type of work.

Shaun Gomm, commercial director at Sigma, said: “Businesses have had to quickly adapt to new ways of working in the past few weeks. However, in the rush to continue operating and providing customers with the same great services, they may have adopted technology and software that is not suitable to support the long-term and successful running of their business. Workplace Express takes the difficulty out of creating a platform for workers to continue their day job, while ensuring all communications and tools are accessible and inclusive for all employees. It is designed to get a remote workplace up and running in just a few weeks. All technology investments should have a long lifespan and Workplace Express is an optimal platform to keep building a modern digital workplace long after this global crisis has passed.

“The Workplace Express platform can also be future-proofed, and extra features can be added to the platform, as businesses continue to adapt to new and improved ways of working.”

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