Taste & Glory launches ‘Notoriously Glorious’ campaign with 200 micro-influencers

Jul 22, 2021 | Online advertising, Social

Taste & Glory launches ‘Notoriously Glorious’ campaign with 200 micro-influencers
Meat-free food brand Taste & Glory have launched a £1m campaign, “Notoriously Glorious”, showcasing its new name and taste credentials.

The campaign itself is comprised of a 20” video ad, showcasing some of the brands signature offerings, such as its Quarter Pounders, with a classic 90s hip-hip vibe.

This integrated campaign will also see Taste & Glory’s new comms appearing on the side of 300 buses, as well as tasting campaign with 200 micro-influencers.

The sampling campaign with influencers aims to further raise awareness of the range and drive shoppers in-store with a combined reach of over 16 million.

The campaign is designed to cement Taste & Glory’s new name and comms in the minds of both shoppers and retailers.

“This hip-hop inspired campaign that celebrates great tasting meat-free food is just the beginning of Taste & Glory’s exciting evolution,” says Alison Lees, Marketing Manager for Taste & Glory. “With our amazing 100% plant-based products taking centre stage, we’re showcasing the dedication to flavour that Taste & Glory has as well as the amazing growth of the brand. We look forward to exciting shoppers to discover our full portfolio of delicious meat-free swaps, perfect for every mealtime.”

Taste & Glory launched in 2019 and has seen an RSV of £9.5 million to date. With 63% of the brand’s current shoppers buying across the portfolio, and over 80% of the brand’s sales being incremental to the whole category.

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