UK’s B2B marketing professionals in Covid-19 lockdown

Mar 20, 2020 | Online advertising, Skills

‘Grey roots are no big deal’ and ‘school maths is hard’: 30 things Brits have learned from lockdown
The UK’s B2B marketing community has revealed that it is experiencing a great deal of turbulence as a result of Covid-19.

Early data from sales engagement platform CogniClick, reveals that 60% have had marketing budgets affected by the Covid-19 event and that most are looking to digital marketing for ROI but a large percentage are looking to do this in house.

150 leading B2B marketing professionals have responded to the CogniClick live benchmark so far. At this point, the data shows that overwhelmingly, budgets have already been affected and a stark warning to agencies is that 40% of participants report that they are moving more marketing activity in house.

A summary of the early findings is as follows:

• Despite 60% saying that their marketing budgets are affected, 65% are still running campaigns as planned.
• Confidence is difficult to judge – only 40% of respondents saying they are confident that they will receive ROI in their current campaigns but 45% are either extremely or pretty confident they know how to achieve success in this climate.
• And the indicators point towards digital as the solution: There is a definite preference for spend on digital campaigns with 43% thinking increasing digital activity will improve results. 35% are focussing on marketing and sales alignment and 15% focussing effort on ABM.

Source: CogniClick

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