What makes people want to buy from brands again? 60% of customers question repeat purchases

Feb 18, 2021 | Online advertising

What makes people want to buy from brands again? 60% of customers question repeat purchases
60% of customers worldwide are unsure if they would make the same purchase decision if given the opportunity to do it again and expect a seamless experience across all devices and channels, according to new research.

Determined to define the next wave of brand innovation, R/GA launched a global proprietary research study focused on brand relationship design. In a new report titled, “The Power of Brand Relationship Design,” R/GA introduces the study’s transformative findings from across six categories and nine markets in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America around creating more meaningful post-purchase customer experiences.

And post-purchase has never mattered more. In 2020, brand marketers shifted their entire business growth approach, focusing less on customer acquisition, and more on customer retention. It’s a trend that R/GA witnessed unfold—and pursued even further. The new report, aimed at brand marketers looking to connect more deeply with customers, uncovers six game-changing global insights and corresponding strategies for brands looking to win long-term retention.

Based on a survey of nearly 16,000 respondents across six categories and nine markets, the report introduces a key customer objective: their “Next Best Self.” This means a customer is closer to their goals and living a happier life because of a brand’s support. Yet it’s what’s largely missing from today’s modern brand relationships.

The R/GA report reveals how this is hurting customer retention potential. Some other key findings include:

  • Buyer’s remorse is rampant. Globally, 60% of customers are unsure if they would make the same purchase decision if given the opportunity to do it again. They’re not committed, in part, because brands aren’t committed to them.
  • Seamless is the absolute baseline. 75% of customers don’t just enjoy, but expect, a seamless experience across all devices and channels. Brands must surpass these expectations to not only win over, but win back, lasting customers.
  • Personalization is(n’t) creepy. 87% of those surveyed are looking for some degree of recommendation or curation from the brands they’re buying into. Customers want their unique needs and goals to be seen—and supported—in a way that works for them.

Like never before, there’s new expectations and dynamics required for customers to stay bought into services. Customers are human. They crave connection, community, and empathy—including from the brands they frequent.

Based on these global insights, R/GA realized that brands looking to retain customers must look to build relationships with their customers. It’s the only way to succeed long-term. The report presents six actionable strategies brands can immediately leverage to design enduring, two-way value relationships with each and every customer.

Download the report here.


From June 14 to September 27, 2020, R/GA surveyed nearly 16,000 consumers in the US, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC across 15 service verticals, and honed in on six: e-commerce, personal care and beauty, consumer technology and electronics, credit cards, quick service restaurants, and health and fitness. We also conducted external interviews with subject matter experts and industry stakeholders. The goal of this proprietary research was twofold: to understand how brand relationships are evolving across these six product/service verticals—and what it takes to create the most optimal post-purchase customer relationship. Markets covered: US, UK, Germany, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Argentina, and Brazil


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