Xandr partners with Realytics to enable linear TV campaign buying

Oct 5, 2020 | Online advertising

Xandr partners with Realytics to enable linear TV campaign buying
Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, and Realytics, a leader in TV-Digital convergence, have struck a new partnership to enable buyers to execute linear TV buying campaigns through the Xandr Invest buying platform.

The partnership aims to offer simplification between TV and digital ad by giving digital video buyers the opportunity to access linear inventory with their existing digital tools.

Through an integration with its buying platform Xandr Invest, Xandr’s French customers can access to the scaled linear TV buying capabilities developed by Realytics. Realytic’s technology has been built for digital players seeking to diversify their acquisition channels and need to combine buying models, metrics and performance coming from digital and linear campaign.

“We are proud to build this technological partnership with Xandr, a globally recognized player in the advertising market” commented Guillaume Belmas, CEO Realytics. “Through this collaboration we are continuing our goal to unify and simplify the advertising market, enabling digital advertisers to add linear TV channels to their online video buying strategy within a single platform.”

“We are pleased to offer this opportunity for our buy-side customers with Realytics” states Paul-Antoine Strullu, VP and Managing Director, Southern Europe, Xandr. “This partnership is part of our wider initiative to foster opportunities for start-ups to emerge and innovate. With linear buying one of the main challenges programmatic companies are looking to solve in 2020, collective thinking is better than standalone solutions to ensure new innovation can emerge in the French market.”

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