Branding and PR are listed as the top marketing activities for budget allocation after lockdown ends, closely followed by CMS and CRM tools, according to a new industry survey.

Post lockdown marketing trends: Branding and PR ‘will reign supreme’

64% of UK business decision makers see branding and PR as crucial in months ahead, according to the survey commissioned by Brighton-based agile software and digital asset management (DAM) specialist Bright.

The survey has also revealed that digital transformation is also deemed to be crucial. 57% state that content management systems will be high on the agenda, and 55% consider CRM activities to be important.

Website enhancements will also be at the forefront of the renaissance with 59% of respondents stating this is important to their businesses, with just 9% saying this was of no importance to them.

The survey also revealed growth-led strategies and social media campaigns are central to the thinking of UK businesses, with 57% of leaders expressing these as areas of importance.

Bright’s Marketing and Communications Manager Vic Heyward commented: “It’s encouraging to see that senior figures in UK businesses understand the enduring importance of brand and PR. The next few months will be transformative for many marketing teams; focusing on building credibility and strengthening how a brand’s core values are communicated will be where success ultimately lies.”

Sapio conducted the research as part of its COVID-19 UK Barometer and interviewed 500 UK business decision makers including CEOs, MDs, directors and senior-middle management across a range of industries.

Source: Bright

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