The Trade Desk launches programmatic video commercial partnership with Channel 4

Jul 20, 2020 | Ad tech, Content marketing, Online advertising, Online video, Programmatic

The Trade Desk launches programmatic video commercial partnership with Channel 4
The Trade Desk has struck a partnership with UK broadcaster Channel 4, offering advertisers the ability to target 23 million viewers at scale, across its live and on-demand services, with P&G the first advertiser to trial the new technology.

The Trade Desk will be one of several demand-side platforms (DSP) to offer access to Channel 4 inventory programmatically, giving brands access to highly engaged audiences across Connected TV (CTV) and other devices – while allowing Channel 4 to further improve its access to premium brands and leading agencies across the entirety of the open web.

The partnership has been made possible by the implementation of key regulatory standards via programmatic technology. The Trade Desk will transfer a Clearcast clock number throughout the bidstream, thereby providing transparency on the provenance of every ad in order to meet product and age-specific advertising rules.

Alessio Martini, P&G Associate Brand and Media Director for Northern Europe, said:“We are very excited to partner with The Trade Desk and Channel 4 on a fully transparent and privacy conscious programmatic model for Channel 4 Video on Demand (VOD). We are delighted to be the first advertiser to benefit from this new integration and we look forward to other TV partners joining Channel 4 on this journey very soon”

As more consumers watch TV content through connected devices, advertisers have an opportunity to understand and measure interaction and response to ads in a way that has not been possible with traditional, linear TV. The partnership between The Trade Desk and Channel 4 will facilitate more precision and relevance in digital advertising, improving value for the advertiser.

“As advertisers recognize the data-driven potential of CTV advertising to maximise ad relevance and improve the viewer experience, this partnership with Channel 4 represents a further boost in their ability to execute,” said Patrick Morrell, Director of Partnerships EMEA at The Trade Desk. “Broadening access to Channel 4’s inventory for brands across the open internet means better targeting for brands and greater revenue for broadcasters.”

David Amodio, Deputy Head of Digital and Innovation at Channel 4 said: “We’re delighted to be integrated with The Trade Desk. The partnership enables our advertisers an important choice when buying brand safe broadcaster video programmatically across multiple platforms.”

Channel 4’s All4 On Demand service runs on twenty platforms, with 100% of its audiences logged in and an ad completion rate of 96%.

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