Coronavirus: How is the world searching?

Mar 19, 2020 | Search engine marketing

Coronavirus: How is the world searching?
With the world in panic mode over the spread of Coronavirus, and shocking updates daily, the world population is riding a roller-coaster of emotions. Search data from CodeFuel, a leading search technology company, has revealed dramatic spikes in Coronavirus searches in different countries.

Key findings:

• Over the last month, the US, Switzerland, France, Germany and the UK have shown the highest numbers of people searching for Coronavirus related queries, with staggering increases over the last two weeks, between Feb 23rd and March 9th including;
o 425% increase in the US
o 327% increase in the UK
o 321% increase in France

• Searches in Switzerland increased an overwhelming 3,306% after South Korea reported its largest daily increase of patients on Feb 22nd

• The three main peaks for searching corona in Italy were;
o March 1st, when 566 new cases were confirmed in Italy
o March 5th, when 769 new cases were confirmed in Italy
o March 8th, when 1,492 new cases were confirmed in Italy

• Unexpected results came from Luxembourg, which saw an increase of 466% in Coronavirus searches just three days, between Feb 23rd and Feb 26th

• The beginning of February, when cases began to become more prominent in Europe, saw New Zealand’s Coronavirus search rate increase 714%, and the Netherland’s 550%.

• Austria’s searches soared 8,000% on Feb 23rd, the day that Italy was named the European country suffering from the greatest number of cases.

These astonishing figures display not only the rapid increase in concern for Coronavirus throughout the world, but also the specific events which shook individual countries.

Source: CodeFuel

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