WebMD is a millennial’s frequent companion in the best of times, but with a global pandemic raging, Coronavirus searches are breaking records. But is our health search data private, and do we care if it’s not? New research looks at how younger web users are protecting their privacy when searching online.

Millennials and Gen Zs’ search privacy perceptions are changing

Search marketing tech firm CodeFuel, a and creator of the new private search engine Privado, has released the findings from its survey on Millennial and Gen Z search privacy habits.

The report reveals that while 43% use incognito mode while searching – indicating their desire for private search privately – 46% do not use any privacy protection. The report also shows that a staggering 84% of users would consider switching to a private search engine.

The report quized over 500 consumers across the US aged 18-39, revealing widespread awareness of the controversies swirling around data privacy, with those surveyed voicing a desire for more control over how their data is shared and safeguarded.

Members of this tech-savvy cohort are prepared to take charge of their own data privacy, the survey showed – but they need access to more information about their options for doing so.

Looking to the future 84% would consider switching to a private search engine. Recent years have ushered in a sea change in how consumers think about privacy and data – and that holds especially true among those on the front lines of our digital world. Millennials and Gen Zers are eager for solutions to protect their online privacy.

More than 80% said they would switch from their regular big brand browser to one that offered them private search.

Source: https://www.privado.com

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