The impact of marketing on pride month: Searches up 100% since 2008

Jun 15, 2021 | Search engine marketing

The impact of marketing on pride month: Searches up 100% since 2008
As the country marks the start of Pride Month 2021, digital marketing agency, AccuraCast, has released findings into how the level of awareness around the month has grown over the past 13 years.

According to Google Trends, online searches for consumer-interest topics around Pride – everything from ‘Pride Month’ to ‘Pride clothing’ have grown exponentially from 2004 to present day, demonstrating the growing curiosity and clear opportunity to educate and celebrate. This growth continued, largely untampered by the pandemic, in 2020.

In contrast, business interest in Pride peaked in 2019, but took a 15% dip in 2020 – compare this to the 48% rise in consumer interest in 2020. This year, all signs point to a recovery, perhaps even surpassing 2019’s peak in corporate interest, but a lot remains to be seen, as a new wave of Covid variants might dampen business sentiment again.

The impact of marketing on pride month:  Searches up 100% since 2008

Farhad Divecha, MD of AccuraCast and founder of OUT loud a marketing agency that helps brands connect authentically with the LGBTQ+ community, believes that this is a result of a combination of changing views over time and the positive use of marketing by big name brands “I’ve no doubt that growing acceptance and understanding over time has played a large part in searches for Pride Month increasing so sharply. However, I do also believe that the ongoing and open support of mainstream brands like Lloyd’s, Google, British Airways and Facebook has aided greatly.”

He continues “While some believe that brands changing their logo on social media to include a rainbow or posting an LGBTQ+ friendly tweet or Facebook status may be an attempt to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ to grow their customer base (which may well be the case for some), it can’t be denied that it’s these brands and campaigns that have helped in progressing the Pride movement and all it stands for. Peoples’ mindsets are changing for the better but marketing still has a major role to play.”

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