Blast from the past: Social network pioneer Bebo makes surprise return

Feb 3, 2021 | Social

Blast from the past: Social network pioneer Bebo makes surprise return
Social network trailblazer Bebo is making a return to app stores this month, eight years after closing down due to bankrupcy.

The network, which launched in 2005, stands for ‘Blog Early, Blog Often’ and surpassed Myspace at the height of its popularity.

Rumours of its return begun swirling last week, when people noticed a “coming soon” message on the site’s previously dormant homepage.

However, none of the buttons on the site worked, leading to many believe it was a hoax.
Co-founder Michael Birch has now revealed that he really is relaunching the site, and plans to provide an antidote to Facebook and Twitter.

On the app, users could post blogs, pictures, videos, and questionnaires while also messaging people within their network.

After the company’s bankruptcy, the domain was acquired by Amazon in July 2019.

By releasing the app as a “brand new social network”, Amazon has full creative control over what features from the original version of Bebo they would like to renew.

There’s no specific launch date, other than a release sometime in February. However, those who have been granted a sneak peak are able to log in with private passwords on the private beta.

Unfortunately for anyone hoping to revisit old pictures or blog posts from their previous account, the website adds, “PLEASE NOTE: All old data and photos were lost many years ago and are not recoverable. Sorry.”

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