Best Christmas ads of 2018: Iceland beats John Lewis for social buzz (but not YouTube views)

Nov 29, 2018 | Content marketing, Online advertising, Online video, Social media

Following a bumper month of discussion and festive spirit around the UK’s top Christmas ads, social media marketing firm Socialbakers have compiled league tables showing which brands are winning the Christmas Ad War across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Socialbakers measured social media interactions for each ad across the three platforms and found:

  • On Facebook and Twitter, the controversial Iceland Rang-tan ad beats John Lewis’ much-awaited #EltonJohnLewis
  • Iceland’s ad has raked in more than 1 million interactions (likes, reactions, comments and shares) on Facebook and almost 200,000 on Twitter
  • This shows that the ad led to more than just views, but also led to more conversation and engagement than any ad on both platforms
  • On YouTube John Lewis reigns supreme, but as viewers don’t comment or like as much on YouTube as on other platforms, it’s no surprise Iceland falls behind
  • Sainsbury’s and Aldi also managed tens of thousands of interactions, particularly on Facebook and YouTube, whereas other retailers fall far behind




Source: Socialbakers

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