Facebook bans second Cambridge psychometric quiz app

Aug 24, 2018 | Facebook marketing, Regulation, Social media

Another personality quiz app designed to harvest personal data from respondents, has been banned by Facebook, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal earlier this year.

The app has been banned for sharing data with only “limited protections in place” but it has already been inactive for many years.

MyPersonality, created by a now-deputy director of the University of Cambridge’s Psychometrics Centre, is the second app to ever be completely banned by Facebook.

The first was This Is Your Digital Life, Cambridge Analytica’s controversial data-harvesting personality test.

MyPersonality, which was last active in 2012, provided app users with instant results from psychometric tests – it compiled personal data from both the tests, and from Facebook profiles of respondents who had opted-in to their profile data being collected.

The move will also see Facebook notify the four million people who have taken the test the data they shared “may have been misused”.

The app was deactivated in 2012 and suspended in May 2108, after a Facebook audit of apps in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data-abuse scandal.

About 400 apps were suspended as a result of the audit, which looked at the way programs that utilised the social network’s data sharing rules.

MyPersonality had rebuffed Facebook’s request to audit how it worked, the social network’s head of product partnerships Ime Archibong wrote in a blog.