LinkedIn sets new ‘active status’ for users by default

Aug 17, 2017 | Social media

LinkedIn has launched a new feature called 'Active Status', a green circle that shows when a user is online and available to chat via the LinkedIn Messaging platform.

The move could change the way users use the platform as well as cause issues if employees want to keep their job search private.

The feature is on by default although users can turn it off in the settings.

The move is a clear sign of intent by owner Microsoft to push LinkedIn more into the daily lives of +500m users.

Overall, the new feature turns LinkedIn messaging into something very similar to Facebook chat: When Active Status is on, you and all your contacts currently active on LinkedIn will have a green circle on their profile picture in LinkedIn messaging, and receive instant notifications for private messages.

If you’re not actively using LinkedIn but have push notifications turned on on the mobile app, you’ll have a hollowed out green circle on your profile picture.

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