Top April fools pranks: Google goes backwards, Hailo piggybacks and driverless driving tests

Apr 1, 2015 | CPG, Social media, Twitter marketing

April Fools Day has become big business for brands as they scramble to get their pranks noticed on social media and news outlets (getting some free publicity in the process). We've rounded-up some of the best spoofs to hit the web this year- including Google going backwards, Hailo piggybacks and driverless pizza delivery.



Google has made good use of the new domain laws by going backwards. We present to you
Hailo is branching out from cars to piggybacks…

New Barclaycard Anything service will enable the public to transform their everyday items into ways to pay by making them contactless-enabled.

Unilever’s Marmite has announced a new “clear” version which looks like it would make for a confusing breakfast experience. Apparently, psychologists say “eating dark-coloured foods for breakfast can provoke feelings of negativity”.

Red Driving School
RED Driving School is the first in the UK to offer lessons for driverless cars, so instructors will be able to teach students how to operate the vehicles… which shouldn’t take too long.

Continuing the driverless car theme, Domino’s gave us a sneak peek of the new delivery vehicle.

Ever fancied yourself as a doctor Doolittle? Groupon is helping you talk to the animals…

A new ‘diet version’ of Toblerone. Alan Partridge would be pleased.

Not content with unlocking the secrets of the ‘God particle’ researchers at CERN have used the Large Hadron Collider to “confirme the existence of the Force”.


And finally, this one ISN’T an April Fools (we’ve checked..alot). Amazon is launching ‘Dash Buttons’ that lets people order household products at the press of a button. Read our article about it here.

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