Twitter fail: Innocent Drinks warns fans not to drink conkers after recipe joke backfires

Oct 24, 2019 | Content marketing, Regulation, Social, Social media

Innocent Drinks has been forced to tweet a series of warning messages after it sent out a joke message about Conker smoothies- a concoction that could kill people if consumed.

The Coca Cola-owned drinks brand, known for smoothies, “released” a new conker milk drink for autumn.

Tweeting last week, Innocent introduced this new dairy-free drink with the hashtag #conkermilk and the resulting backlash was swift.

It tweeted: “Why not make a fake dairy free drink as a joke? Something weird and ridiculous that no one would want to drink, to get people talking? It was genius.”


Many people assumed this was a real product, but in fact, eating conkers can be dangerous.

One twitter user quote tweeted Innocent’s original post saying: “Firstly, you can’t milk a conker.

“Most importantly, a horse chestnut (often called a conker) is NOT edible. It’s poisonous & can cause paralysis or death if eaten.

“Sweet chestnuts used below BUT calling it Conker Milk in a bid to be clever about “conkering milk” is reckless.”

Innocent had to issue a series of clarifying tweets reminding the public to neither eat nor milk conkers.

Conkers — horse chestnuts — are inedible, poisonous, and possibly deadly: making milk out of them would not be a good idea. The brand stipulated that it had “used” edible sweet chestnuts, although that wouldn’t be conker milk at all.

A message that becomes marketing itself, right down to the brand’s voice, part of the endless cycle that conker milk began.

The brand is urging people to try their range of other nut milks, rather than the fictional ‘conker milk’.