Virals of the year: Coca Cola celebrates bubbles in Brazil to get over 120m views

Nov 28, 2019 | Ads, Content marketing, Social, Social media, Video, Viral

One of the most viewed ads of the 2019 came from Coca-Cola Brazil, which celebrates the energising effect of a coke’s signature bubbles.

The Vai no Gás ad appeals to Coke’s younger generation of drinkers by encouraging them to ‘go gas’ and live life to the fullest.

Created by JWT & Kolab/McCann, the ad was developed specifically for mobiles and was under 30 seconds long, with a fast pace and clear message.

Ricardo John, CEO of J.Walter Thompson, comments that the “Go on Gas” campaign arose from the product’s intrinsic insight into what it feels like to have a cold Coke on a summer day. “We went after a truth, a sensation and a feeling. And the coolest thing is, there’s no celebrity, no famous music, no advertising gimmicks. ”

John further states that he believes the campaign’s success was due to its proximity to the young audience. “The audience does not swallow top-down advertising that attempts to dictate behavior. Recognition generates empathy and empathy generates shares, ”points out the CEO.

Aline Moda, Google Agency Business Development Leader at Google Brazil, agrees with the CEO, “the video portrays situations and contexts that are true aspirations of the Z generation, as well as much sought after YouTube content such as music and games. This generates immediate identification with platform audience and high engagement.”

Aline comments that the two themes (music and games) stood out as the most affinity among 13-24 year olds, according to a global Google study (Human Stories), cross-referenced by data from Google Search and YouTube.

In addition, Google Brazil’s agency business development leader states that the film follows all good creative practices for YouTube, which the company has discovered based on a series of experiments over the years, such as: the closed-frame type of production that makes it easy to view on a mobile phone, and the fast-paced editing pace that delivers a clear message.

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