Where to target baby boomers on social media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Feb 22, 2018 | Social media

TV may take up over an hour more of their day, but for Baby Boomer internet users, social presents a great chance to reach them when they’re online, according to new research.

The data, from Global Web Index, looks at what Baby Boomers engage with on social media.

93% of this group now use social media, and time spent on social averages just over an hour every day.

Naturally, Baby Boomers are much less likely to follow most types of accounts on social than younger age groups, but the good news is that there are two exceptions: people known in real life, and media organisations.

1 in 5 Baby Boomers follow brands on social media – a lower figure than younger age groups, but a group sizable enough to be targeted through robust social media strategies.

There’s opportunity to capitalize on organic reach via targeting lookalike audiences as well, with 6 in 10 Boomers following people they know.

It’s important to know, though, that for many Baby Boomers Facebook and YouTube currently is social media, so marketing on social media to Baby Boomers is likely to be most effective when targeted through their core services of Facebook and YouTube.

Source: Global Web Index

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