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We’ll find ways to grow your sales. Whether you’re from a consumer business, selling direct or selling through retail customer channels, we’ll build a stronger plan together.

Our ecommerce strategists will examine your sales today, looking for ways to boost the effectiveness of conversion at each of your retail touchpoints. We’ll work with you to unlock their next wave of growth.

We guide you through ecommerce transformation.

We create ecommerce strategies for brands, ecommerce strategies for a portfolio of brands, ecommerce strategies for retailers, and ecommerce strategies for business to business services. Our experts can support you throughout the implementation, working with your agencies and retailers.

Your ecommerce plan

We’ll help you prioritise practical ways to:

  • Boost total sales
  • Increase average order basket size
  • Strengthen and extend customer lifetime value.

Tackling the Covid effect

It’s a critical moment in retail, globally. Covid has triggered an unprecedented step-change to ecommerce. And as people switch to ordering everything from groceries to services based on what they see on screen, they’re rethinking the brands they use. In groceries that means a radical change to what goes in the basket, and it’s one that can see established brands toppled and challenger brands become the norm.

Added to this are the consumer behaviours around both Covid and recession that are driving additional considerations. All this makes for an exceptional time in retail, and a critical opportunity to get picked as people switch to home delivered groceries for the first time. Once you’re on the shopping list, repurchase rates are high – the battle is to get there. And to get there now. That’s why we’re here to help.

Key areas to consider within your ecommerce strategy

  • How to create the “perfect shelf” experience in ecommerce
  • How to build the “perfect store” online
  • How to select the right product portfolio for each retailer
  • How to develop subscription commerce opportunities
  • How to build repeat business through data and CRM

We’ll help boost your sales volumes and conversion rates with the latest approaches in ecommerce

Client examples

Ecommerce strategy & planning

Unilever needed its teams to develop ecommerce approaches and apply them at scale in its customer channels and new direct-to-consumer opportunities. We created training programmes for marketers, developed playbooks in key areas such as the “perfect store online”, led strategy projects to drive transformation, and optimised ecommerce sales on pioneering brands. Our global elearning extended these approaches to 4000 marketing managers, directors and VPs.

Ecommerce strategy & planning

Coca-Cola was looking to strengthen its ecommerce sales across the whole brand portfolio – from the flagship brands to the young new start-up ventures. We translated the ecommerce strategy into approaches that could be deployed in-market, including creating the Perfect Store online and customer segmentation. We focussed on how to raise sales through traditional customer channels, and developed specialist workshops for customer management teams and national conferences.

A strategy that’s easy to manage

We’ll ensure you get the quick wins. We’ll look for the short term opportunities to boost the conversions in your current retail websites. We’ll then look at broadening your visibility across more customers, using our strategic planning framework to prioritise where you’ll get the best ROI. Together we’ll build your plan using the 5 pillars of an ecommerce strategy.

Creating the right ecommerce growth strategy

Every industry works in different ways to acquire, engage and retain its customers. Your ecommerce sales and growth strategy must be anchored in the marketing techniques and best practice for your industry as well as your firm.

A global team that understands your country

Headquartered in London, we’ve been helping global brands get this right since 2000. We run local marketing programmes for organisations across Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

How we can boost your sales and drive growth

This is the way to get expert resource, just when you need it. Our team can guide strategy, co-create the plan, help lead its execution, or train on the craft skills to implement – whether you’re in B2B marketing, B2C or B2B2C.

Our ecommerce strategists have created hundreds of ecommerce plans that drove sales ranging from CPG organisations like Unilever to national retailers to B2B manufacturers.

Our formula

Boost knowledge

Transform confidence

Build skills