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Find the right digital marketing analytics, the best approach for metrics, and the KPIs that can transform your digital media measurement.

Effective measurement is a critical part of every digital marketing activity. It’s easy to lose sight of the most relevant metrics, so we’ll show you different media measurement approaches, the best digital media KPIs for your campaigns and always-on marketing, and how to integrate them into a digital marketing analytics dashboard as part of best practice.

What’s in this training?

Latest thinking on digital media measurement & KPI’s

Case studies &
practical examples

Best practice tips &
judgement tools

Digital marketing analytics, digital media measurement & KPI best practice training

Popular training topics in analytics and measurement currently include…

  • Why effective measurement is important
  • How to set objectives to enable effective measurement
  • How to answer key questions about metrics
  • How to select the right KPIs for reporting
  • How to approach optimisation
  • What are the essentials for measurement and KPIs?

If you can’t measure it effectively, then you can’t isolate what’s working and improve it. We’ll show you how

Get control of your digital marketing and spend

Learn how to set SMART objectives in each aspect of your digital marketing, select the right digital KPIs, and create actionable reports. Our best practice training empowers your team and creates a culture where measurement and optimisation improve ROI ongoing.

Adapting our digital marketing analytics, measurement & KPI training for your business and platforms

Your Digital Training Academy programme can be adapted to the marketing techniques used in your own sector, and the relevant principles – whether you’re in B2B marketing, B2C marketing, government or B2B2C.