Warner Bros. has premiered an ad for the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie ‘Tenet’ on Fortnite, as online gaming becomes a more lucrative market for advertisers.

Christopher Nolan film 'Tenet' puts trailer premiere on Fortnite

The Tenet trailer marks the most significant piece of film marketing to ever hit Fortnite.

In December, the game garnered attention when J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm debuted an exclusive scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ahead of that movie's release.

Since then, Fortnite has delved even more into areas of entertainment outside of gaming.

In April, Epic Games’ free-to-play battle royale hit saw rapper Travis Scott appear virtually in the game, performing his new single “Astronomical.”

The event drew a record 12 million concurrent views. Earlier in February, DJ Marshmello hosted an in-game concert, drawing 10 million concurrent players.

The film Tenet has been subject to speculation over whether it will stick to the July 17 release date that Warner Bros. set for the pic, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Though the trailer for the time-bending Christopher Nolan film did not include a release date, the biography for the film's Twitter page now includes the July 17 date after it curiously disappeared earlier Thursday. The YouTube page hosting the trailer also has the date.

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