Gameloft picks PubMatic for programmatic in-app ads

Apr 12, 2019 | Marketing through gaming, Mobile

Mobile games developer Gameloft is working with Pubmatic to run in-app advertising across its roster of titles.

As apps are now the preferred environment for consumers to access information, connect and transact, they represent the key channel for advertisers to reach and interact with audiences at scale.

“We chose to work with PubMatic because they are at the forefront of in-app and have really been pushing all its benefits to clients.” said John-Paul Burke, Country Manager, UK Ireland & Nordics at Gameloft. “Apps bring brands closer to users, offer scale and get them in front of a loyal, more relaxed audience. Advertising, particularly in gaming apps, can be built in to the experience, making it more tailored, effective and less intrusive than other channels.”

Recent research commissioned by PubMatic with Forrester Consulting highlighted mobile channels are seeing the largest share of digital budgets. Media buyers are planning to increase programmatic in-app advertising investment in the next 12 months, as it delivers greater customer engagement and targeting.

“We are delighted to be working with Gameloft, a real global leader in mobile gaming, to help ensure the potential of in-app advertising can be delivered” commented Emma Newman, Vice President, UK at PubMatic. “PubMatic is working to make it easy for publishers to better monetise their inventory programmatically. Our recent launch of OpenBid gives them access to additional demand and more brand budgets while offering advertisers a gateway to quality in-app opportunities.”

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