GlobalWebIndex uses chatbots in new mobile survey data platform

Oct 19, 2018 | Mobile, Online advertising

GlobalWebIndex has launched Pollpass, technology-powered mobile solution to transform how survey data is collected, with a chatbot interface will capture ‘hard-to-reach’, mobile-first audiences.

Pollpass lets brands and agencies to generate bespoke data sets and insights in real-time from any demographic, in any location.

Reaching younger internet users and those who aren’t naturally inclined to participate in surveys represents a growing challenge for market research operators. Attesting to this, a survey of 3,938 consumers in the US and UK conducted through Pollpass found consumers prefer to take surveys on their mobile devices and 60% want the flexibility to take part ‘whenever they have spare time’.

Through its new technology, Pollpass reveals in a survey of 3,938 consumers in the US and UK:

  • 74% of consumers are interested in providing feedback on new products being launched
  • 60% want the flexibility to take surveys “whenever they have spare time” on mobile devices
  • 54% stated the ability to pause a survey halfway through and return to it at a later point was important to them
  • 72% of survey takers interested in more personalised rewards
  • For 86% of consumers a key motivator to take part in market research is for the chance to influence brands and share their views. For 74%, this is primarily to give feedback on new products being launched. 51% of respondents express interest in influencing technology brands

“To engage these crucial, mobile-first demographics, this new way of collecting survey data is designed around the most common online habits and behaviours”, explains Jason Mander, Chief Research Officer at GlobalWebIndex. “It’s about enabling a more proactive approach to market research and making these engagements feel entirely organic by mirroring the conversational style audiences are used to.”

Re-imagining market research for the user

Pollpass streamlines and speeds up the process by constantly learning from the information offered up by each respondent, so it only engages relevant segments. Moreover, it allows survey takers to jump in and out of the survey they’re taking, just as they do when they’re chatting to friends, creating a more flexible and user-friendly experience.

This formula has helped the solution generate a bank of 20 million answers to date from its highly engaged panel of over 50 thousand active users.

Edward Bass at brand and entertainment audience intelligence consultancy, EntSight adds, “We operate in an environment where the pace of change is only accelerating. Pollpass offers us specific insight with unrivalled immediacy. To us, it’s a tried and tested platform and one we have big plans for in the future.”

By taking into consideration the respondent’s product and company interests expressed through surveys to date, Pollpass makes its panel a part of the development of brands and items they love. The result is a highly motivated, diverse and relevant panel ready and willing to respond.

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