Multi-tasking football fans: 23% of UK Euros fans watch sports on TV every day

Jun 24, 2021 | Mobile

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UK fans multi-task when watching the matches, and they’re really committed to sports in general, according to new research.

With the European championships in full swing, Mediaocean, in partnership with GWI, found that
23% of UK Euros fans watch sports on TV every day

Key findings:

• Big turnaround: Globally, 19% of sports fans, and 40% of those in Europe, are set to follow the Euros with the numbers rising to 46% in Germany and Spain.
• UK fans are multi-tasking pros: Euros fans in the UK are 40% more likely than the average sports fan to message people during events.
o For comparison, 61% of Euros fans globally browse the internet and use social media while watching games
o Among audiences that follow the tournament, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are now among the top five social platforms.
• Diehard fans: In the UK, Euros fans are twice as likely as the average fan to watch sports online on a daily basis (23%)
• Always-on: 78% of Euros engagers also watch sports recaps or highlights on TV/online.
• Online limelight: Euros fans are 61% more likely than the average sports fan to watch sports online every day
• Betting big: In the UK, Euros fans are twice as likely average sports fans to place bets on sports while they watch

Aaron Goldman, CMO at Mediaocean, said: “While the Euros explores a new format, taking place across Europe and with much reduced crowds, fans at home will be turning to digital and social media, both enriching their experience of live games and keeping up-to-date through always-on content. When it comes to the Euros, there are many reasons why this will be a competition unlike any we’ve seen before, and the race to attract the attention of football fans will be hotly-contested.”
“Seeing all the different ways in which people will interact with the tournament, and the breadth of activities they pursue while watching, confirms that broadcasters now need a really dynamic multichannel offering to give fans what they want. TV is more than just TV – it’s the conversations, the interactions, the catch-ups and the bonus content, everything that drums up the passion and excitement of people who love football.”

Comment from Katie Gilsenan, Trends Manager at GWI, said: “It’s exciting for all of us that banner events like the Euros are back on the table this year. Sports are a huge part of many people’s lives, and tournaments like this play a huge role in bringing people together. This new GWI Sports data set shows how people will find ways to make the Euros a point of social contact even when meeting in person might be harder than usual. For businesses, success starts with understanding your audience and how people actually think and feel, and that makes up-to-date, trustworthy data a vital asset.”

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