Samsung reveals foldable phone and 5G Galaxy model

Feb 21, 2019 | Mobile

Samsung has unveiled its much-hyped Galaxy Fold, a smartphone with a second flexible display that opens out to offer a tablet-sized device, for a hefty price.

The device contains a second flexible display that opens out to offer a tablet-sized device and will launch in the UK on 3 May, costing an eye-watering $1,980 (about £1,500).

At an event in San Francisco, Samsung said the 4.6in smartphone screen can be opened out to reveal a 7.3in Infinity Flex display, which can show up to three apps at one time.

It also includes six cameras – three on the rear, two on the inside and one on the front of the device.

The Fold also appears to have space for more battery power, with one of the largest available in a smartphone.

Samsung’s Justin Denison said the Fold is “unlike any device that has come before it” and the company has worked on creating “meaningful breakthroughs” in the smartphone industry.

The technology giant also unveiled a trio of new flagship phones and a 5G version to its Galaxy series.

The Korean company’s new Galaxy S10 and S10+ both come with a triple camera system on the rear of the phone.

Meanwhile, the S10+ will be one of the first modern smartphones to come with one terabyte of internal storage space – enough to hold more than 300,000 photos.

Samsung’s third new Galaxy S phone, the S10e, is positioned as a more compact version of the S10, with a smaller 5.8-inch screen and more modest specifications.

The Korean firm also added a 5G version to its Galaxy series of phones, which is expected to have data speeds 10 times faster than current ones – improving viewing of live news and sports events – when networks become available.

Samsung looks to have beaten Chinese rivals in the 5G race, although the device will operate only on the small number of networks launching later this year.

Apple is not expected to release a 5G smartphone until late 2020, while Samsung said its 5G handset would be available in the early summer.

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