TabMo and Playground xyz raise the creativity game in mobile advertising

Sep 3, 2018 | Mobile, Online advertising

TabMo and Playground xyz are bringing new creative formats to mobile advertising aimed at driving awareness for brands, generating revenue for publishers and improving the user experience.

The Playground xyz formats are high impact units that enable advertisers to increase brand awareness and improve critical ad performance measures such as viewability, time-in- view, engagement rate and video completion rate. With user centric design at the core, all formats are Coalition for Better Ads compliant and run across an invite-only private marketplace made up of leading publishers such as Future Publishing, Joe Media and Ziff Davis, who enjoy an uplift in revenues and yield as a result.

Partnering with Playground xyz further strengthens TabMo’s creative offering by providing an additional suite of innovative ad formats to its clients while continuing to expand the number of publishers and range of inventory available to them. Playground xyz benefits from TabMo’s relatioships with ad agencies and penetration within them.

In combining forces, TabMo and Playground xyz aim to tackle the industry issue that mobile advertising has not yet reached its potential. The State of the Industry: Mobile marketing in EMEA 2018 published by Warc in early August finds that 54% of client-side marketers do not have a formal mobile marketing strategy for their brand, while 61% only find mobile ‘quite’ effective as a marketing channel. 8% see it as ‘quite ineffective’ or ‘ineffective’ (compared to 5% in 2017.)

Chris Childs, UK managing director at TabMo, says: “Smartphones offer unprecedented opportunities for brands to engage with consumers; they are highly personal and almost constantly in use. As an industry we haven’t made the most of this and mobile ads are all too often unmemorable or annoying – or both. TabMo has focused on mobile and creativity from day one; partnering with Playground xyz which has the same ethos is one more step in our mission to make Hawk a gateway to the best of the best in mobile – premium placements, accurate and scaleable audience data, and innovative and engaging creative formats.”

Ben Dimond, head of EMEA at Playground xyz, comments: “Brands and agencies are very advanced in the way they think about strategy, data, targeting and even messaging on mobile. We’re here to make sure all that great work doesn’t fall short at the ‘final mile’ – the actual ad that users see. By creating eye catching and attention-grabbing formats we help advertisers supercharge their spend; working with TabMo allows these clients to scale this proposition across its Hawk platform.”

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