Courier roles expected to continue to soar in 2021 as online ordering soars

Jan 18, 2021 | E-commerce and E-retailing, Skills

Courier roles expected to continue to soar in 2021 as online ordering soars
We're living in the most turbulent time of recent years as Coronavirus continues to change the world - but how has the job market been affected? A new report shows that couriers and sales roles are among those that have seen a boom over the past year.

A new report by Quadrotech has analysed the UK job market to reveal the most in-demand jobs of 2020 to find that couriers top the list with over 188,000 vacancies a month in a trend which looks set to continue throughout 2021.
By analysing UK job listings on Adzuna over the past year, the report looked at the number of vacancies and the salaries on offer to find out which industries had the highest growth and which job roles are the most and least in-demand, to forecast what jobs of the future might look like.

See the full list below:

The Coronavirus lockdown has brought a whole new meaning to the word “essential” as couriers are the most in-demand jobs of 2020. Across the UK, residents are ordering online to ensure delivery of their goods causing an increase in job roles with over 188,000 monthly vacancies – as companies like Amazon’s profits continue to rise.

While businesses focus on continuing trade, the demand for sales roles has also increased as companies ramp up their techniques with nearly 110,000 monthly vacancies.

Other jobs in high demand were positions such as Cleaners (41,584) as hygiene comes to the fore-front, Customer Service roles (96,261) and Electricians (27,887).

It’s no surprise that essential workers also make the top 10 as Teachers and Government Workers remain in demand.

A 671% surge in the number of mental health counsellors needed

One job role that’s significantly increased as a result of the coronavirus lockdown is mental health counsellors. With increased awareness and discussion of practising self-care and talking openly about mental health and wellbeing, vacancies for Mental Health Counsellors have risen a massive 671% in the past year.

Salaries for the role have also increased as the position comes more in demand, rising by 47.4% as the salary nearly doubles from £28,906 to £42,619.

Facebook amongst the top 10 most-thriving companies

After analysing the number of vacancies advertised per month, some of the world’s biggest companies made the top 10 list – including Apple, Google and Microsoft.

The Goldman Sachs Group came up top with 354 vacancies advertised per month. Coming in second is social networking powerhouse Facebook, followed closely behind by online food delivery company Deliveroo.

With the rapid shift to remote work this year it’s not surprising to see tech companies thriving.

Speaking on the report Nigel Williams, CMO from Quadrotech said: “The job market is constantly shifting to meet the demands of employers, employees, and the businesses they serve. The jobs on offer to our grandparents’ generation look very different to the in-demand roles of today. We service companies across the sector and are seeing a consistent change in trends and processes as we navigate this uncertain period.
To find the jobs of the future, we wanted to see the roles that were increasing and declining to see the industries most affected, and how skill sets across the board are consistently changing with the times. We analysed job vacancies and salaries throughout the last year to highlight the industries with the most growth and discover where the demand lies.

The results show us that there’s a clear increase in the new ‘normal’ that comes with 2020 and mental health is leading the forefront of change, as, quite rightly, we start to prioritise caring for our mental as well as physical health. For the future, we expect technology and essential workers to be the in-demand job roles of 2021, as we hopefully begin to head back to normality.

We’re seeing a continuous rise in tech roles, with the correlation of salaries being amongst the highest in the report. This is where talent and focus will continue to grow in 2020 as businesses continue to invest in technology to support business growth and at-home working. We expect demand for cleaners to continue to be strong as we guard ourselves for the future. We also expect some travel roles to make a comeback later in 2021 when the industry starts to open up again.”

You can find the full jobs of the future report here.

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