Reinforcing customers’ (59%) trust’ is the data and marketing industry’s biggest challenge, according to a survey completed by over 230 senior marketing professionals across the UK who judged the DMA Awards 2019.

‘Understanding customer wants & needs’ (52%) was also seen as a key issue, along with ‘Measuring ROI’ (48%) and ‘Adapting to data privacy regulations’ (45%).

The research from the DMA, reveal a view of data today as focused on privacy & new laws like the GDPR (38%), but there is a need to shift to be more customer-centric and intelligent with the marketing approach used to engage customers.

In fact, almost all (94%) marketers agree that ‘Intelligent Marketing’ is an essential part of the data and marketing industry.

Rachel Aldighieri, MD of the DMA, said: “By putting the customer first, brands can not only better understand their needs and wants but also help build sustainable relationships based on trust. A data-driven economy cannot operate without trust, it’s a critical tenet of the value exchange where customers choose to exchange their data in return for a more personalised, enhanced experience. Innovation, technology and ethical data use will help organisations deliver more value to their consumers – all key components of intelligent marketing.”

Respondents of the survey believe that intelligent marketing is a term that also represents both ‘The Future’ (90%) and to some extent ‘The Reality’ (65%) of the industry today, highlighting there is still some work to be done to achieve this ambition.

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