Leading-edge marketing training that drives marketing transformation and business transformation.

A comprehensive range of training courses to give teams leading-edge knowledge and skills in marketing. Courses are available online and as face to face workshops that can be built around your brand and campaign plans.

Grow your brand

Leverage the latest thinking, tools and channels to build brand equity and drive growth

Transform your sales

Exploit new channels to market, optimise the existing, build stronger sales propositions

Strengthen your team

Build the right organisation with the right talent to gain a competitive edge

An introduction to digital marketing topics

Our range of introductions to digital marketing can be delivered through online learning, face to face or virtual instructor-led training.

Marketing leadership, strategy & transformation

Leading a marketing team has never been tougher. We’ll show you how to navigate marketing transformation and disruption with the right marketing strategy

Insight and behaviour in a digital world

Learn how to transform your thinking by using digital tools for customer insight or consumer insight. World-class marketing training on how people behave and consume digital media

Customer journey & marketing ecosystems

Customer journey analysis helps you select the right communications channels and create a strong marketing ecosystem and digital marketing ecosystem for your brand.

Content strategy & content marketing

Discover how to use content marketing effectively and create a content strategy to drive growth for your business.

Digital ad creative & web advertising

Discover how to make high impact advertising messages that will get cut-through in the cluttered digital environment.

Web & digital experience design

Creating a brilliant user experience is key for reaching your conversion targets and getting the most value from your platforms.

Search: strategy, SEO & paid

Getting found in search engines is critical. Whether people are looking for the category you work in, your brand or company, you need to be instantly discoverable.

Digital media planning & buying

Learn how digital media planning works, and how to target effectively to reach the right person at the right time, when they’re in the right mindset.

Relationship marketing & loyalty through digital channels

Learn how to engage with your audiences through relationship marketing and loyalty approaches. Find out how these can drive more sales and enable a step-change in marketing effectiveness.

Social media publishing & advertising

Learn how the most successful brands engage in social media. Find out the secrets of social media content so you can create thumb-stop moments

Social media engagement

Learn what is social media engagement means and why it matters. Understand the guiding principles for creating content that could trigger social engagement.

Ecommerce strategy & operations

Whether you’re selling online direct to consumer or through your customer channels, we’ll give you the latest best practice that will boost online sales.

Digital media measurement & KPI's

Find the right digital marketing analytics, the best approach for metrics, and the KPIs that can transform your digital media measurement.

Digital marketing regulation & brand safety

Digital channels are highly regulated and, while the level of applicable regulation may vary greatly between countries, it’s critical that marketers and leadership teams understand the landscape so they can remove risk.