Valentine’s seasonal marketing campaign: Deliveroo & KFC earns media with ‘Bucket ring’ (Singapore)

Feb 14, 2022 | Marketing Case Studies, PR, Social

A simple co-marketing PR idea that drove talkability, boosted sales, and didn’t need a big media budget.


  • Co-marketing between KFC & its delivery partner
  • Social-by-design approach for creating a special, shared experience
  • Combined with a gift item to increase memorability
  • Built on a strong insight about how to create an easy, low-cost extra experience for key shopper segments


KFC wrestled with several marketing challenges simultaneously. How do you bring Valentine’s Day magic to people during a pandemic? How do you let people with small disposable incomes take part in a Valentine’s dining experience that’s typically premium? How do you get couples to remember you? And can you find a way to create talkability that can unlock social sharing of those moments?

In the fast-moving Singapore culture, the bar is high for getting effective engagement for consumer promotions.

Solution 2021

The brands created the ‘Will Delive-Roo Be My Valentine’ promotion. The campaign let people surprise their date with a limited edition KFC ‘bucket ring’ gift as part of the delivery.

Targeting fans of Deliveroo and KFC, this was a simple and easy way to drive talkability, get front of mind awareness at the moment that mattered, and build the brand’s equity as brands that care about their customers.

The gift was low cost and playful. For KFC, it gave a way into the Valentine’s Day conversation in a country famous for its passion for food. For Deliveroo, it gave front-of-mind awareness as the market share battle intensified between delivery apps. During the covid pandemic, the food delivery sector expanded massively – and each rival was constantly looking for ways to get noticed.

The idea was conceptualized by PR agency AKA Asia and executed in Singapore. It was supported by earned media engagements, with publicity pushed on Deliveroo’s owned channels such as website, social media, and email shots.

Solution 2019

There’s a history of effective co-marketing partnerships. In 2019 Deliveroo aimed to increase brand love and top-of-mind-awareness, while also heightening awareness of KFC’s offerings.

That year, a Valentine’s Day combo meal came with an Instagrammable heart-shaped box. And brand adorers knew what to do instantly.

There was also a playful tone in their positioning. Campaign materials said, “Roses are red, violets are blue, flowers will fade, how ’bout fried chicken for two? Why not skip the roses or chocolates and treat your loved one to a finger-lickin’ good meal instead? The best part: we’ll deliver straight to your doorstep, so no queues, no crowds, no fuss, just you, your favorite person and darn good fried chicken. Who said you need a fancy restaurant to impress? It’ll simply be love at first bite!”

The ‘Secret Recipe to My Heart’ meal came with a personalizable option that saw messages from the person ordering included.


Although commercial results have not been disclosed for either year, the benefits are clear;

  • The ideas got attention
  • The physical gifts or packaging drove social media
  • The co-marketing benefited both brands

Why it matters

These simple PR activities drove online sales, triggered social media conversations, and created the moment for sharing social media images. For brands with a strong idea, seasonal marketing gives a way into conversations and a chance to both stand out and create memorability. And co-marketing partnerships can leverage good owned media reach without needing a media budget.


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