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As a news publication, we report on the latest research from hundreds of organisations. Get in touch to become a research partner.

Our journalists and analysts have been covering these sectors since the 1990s. If you’re looking to publicize new research about the digital marketing, media, ecommerce or marketing industries, then get in touch.

Our publications

  • Digital Intelligence: website, Twitter @DigiAcademy and email editions
  • Netimperative: website, Twitter @_netimperative_ and email editions
  • Digital Training Academy: website case study library and email editions
  • Special reports
  • Conferences

Editorial policy

We typically look for digital marketing research studies with a transparent methodology, large research sample sizes, and rigor in the approach. If you are sending case studies, we’ll look for clear proof points and data that proves effectiveness – so consider submissions you’ve made to industry awards as a way of ensuring we have everything we need (only send material for publication and nothing confidential).

We don’t take advertorials, so your research will be judged purely on its strengths.

About our publications

Digital Intelligence is a daily publication for markers and brands, to keep senior executives up to date with the key developments shaping our industry.

The editorial team is based in the UK and have audiences in more than 70 countries. We started covering digital marketing research at the end of the 1990s when our services were originally for journalists and marketing agencies, and were inside a paywall. Since then we opened up more broadly to support all types of businesses, and increased the breadth of coverage to support readers in the Americas, Asia, Middle East, Africa as well as closer to home here in Europe.