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Invest in your leadership colleagues with inspiration, immersion, and practical advice about the latest marketing strategies that are helping firms like yours win and retain customers, grow their business, and defend from competitors.

Our marketing leadership workshops empower CMOs and CEOs with fresh ideas and new strategies to bring your vision for growth to life. These high-energy workshops and programs coach leadership teams on what’s possible, what will give the biggest ROI, and how to make it happen. They’re created entirely on your needs and your brief, geared to helping your marketing leadership team leap forwards.

Marketing leadership workshops

Popular topics include…

  • Understanding disruption and new business models
  • The rise of aggregators and new intermediaries: from Uber Eats to digital marketplaces
  • Applying start-up thinking inside large organisations
  • How design thinking can revolutionise business and marketing leadership
  • How to apply agile management approaches
  • The potential of AI to transform the effectiveness of marketing and supply chains
  • Business automation and marketing automation
  • The capabilities teams need to thrive
  • Rethinking strategic competitive advantage in today’s world
  • Understanding the new critical success factors
  • What’s next in technology that will impact your sector
  • How to protect your core business while investing for the future
  • How to measure effectively so you can lead confidently

Looked at through the lens of your own sector – whether B2B, B2C or B2B2C.

Delivering in more than 40 countries

Marketing leadership experience

  • We’ve been running these immersion workshops since 2003
  • VP-level strategists lead your workshops
  • Can be used to help shape your strategic plan

We give business leaders fresh perspectives, helping them shape their plans. Strengthen your marketing leadership team’s vision with our blend of inspiration, case studies, technology showcases, ideation and practical advice.

Client examples

Digital marketing audits

Unilever’s key markets needed to understand how their digital marketing was performing and how to strengthen the effectiveness of their digital ecosystems. We reviewed the marketing ecosystems of all key brands to show ways to improve ROI from their campaigns, platforms and always-on messaging. This guided local leadership teams and agencies on improvements to media and creative.

Digital marketing audits

Coca-Cola wanted to understand the effectiveness of its digital marketing and invited us to review its digital marketing ecosystems for key brands in the priority markets. We quickly identified opportunities to strengthen the effectiveness of their communications and get more value from both campaigns and always-on messaging. This fed into local workshop programmes to strengthen guidance to agencies and areas of focus.

Marketing effectiveness reviews

The global reproductive healthcare charity needed a guide for their digital marketing transformation. Starting with marketing audits, we developed recommendations for their marketing approach, then developed a Digital Acceleration Programme of marketing skills training for their teams. We developed practical strategies and approaches for CRM, data gathering, clinic and donor recruitment, and content marketing.

Comms effectiveness reviews

The UK government asked us to review NHS websites and consider ways to give more value to patients and boost the effectiveness of their communication. Our marketing effectiveness review combined the website with the key platforms of the world’s biggest healthcare provider. This included digital communication planning and recommendations to improve effectiveness.

Marketing leadership teams

Empower them with the knowledge and skills to lead more effectively in today’s digital world

Independent experts

As strategists and business coaches outside your agency and tech network, we’re here to help your team make stronger decisions for stronger marketing.