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Revolutionise your automotive / motoring sales with a digital marketing strategy that maximises acquisition and conversion. Car purchases are one of the most researched decisions online. That’s why automotive and motoring brands need digital marketing strategies that reach potential buyers at the right moment in their journey to purchase.

Marketing transformation for automotive and motoring brands

Strong data underpins today’s digital marketing strategy for any automotive / motoring brand. Content marketing can build people’s passion and excitement for a vehicle, showcasing its capabilities and getting engagement from people at an early point of consideration in their purchase journey.

Understanding the consumer’s journey in car buying lets you select the relevant touchpoints that deliver the greatest conversion rate. From initial browsing of automotive magazines, to search engines, to car reviews – the acquisition stages are key. Then data driven marketing should drive the process of getting prospective customers to your showroom.

We started leading marketing and digital marketing transformation for brands back in 2000. Since then, we’ve worked with hundreds of brands, locally in more than 60 countries, to help their teams transform their effectiveness.

Critical success factors in marketing strategies for automotive and motoring brands

  • Understanding how people buy cars and what influences them
  • Knowing the relevant touchpoints where buyers want to engage
  • Using digital tools to gather better insights about car buyers
  • A search strategy geared to the phrases car-buyers are looking for
  • Targeted social media to reach people who are in the market for a new car
  • Strong content marketing to raise awareness of the different features of the car – and to change perceptions if needed
  • A data strategy that builds insights about buyer needs, preference and media use
  • Smart performance based marketing to maximise conversions
  • Full sales funnel optimisation to improve marketing effectiveness
  • Digital integration in the car showroom and among the dealers’ sales force
  • Strong post-purchase relationship marketing to strengthen people’s loyalty to the brand
  • Marketing automation to boost efficiency

Digital marketing strategies are critical for automotive / motoring brands to get engagement and cut through.

How we can help boost your automotive and motoring brands

Our team guide you, co-create the plan, and steward its execution. We coach your colleagues to strengthen their marketing and digital skills through face to face training or elearning with the Digital Training Academy to embed your new marketing strategy.

How we did it

  • Boost digital and marketing knowledge
  • Transform confidence
  • Build marketing skills

Global team

Headquartered in London, we partner global brands and have been driving marketing and digital transformation since being founded in 2000. We run local marketing programmes for organisations across Europe, United States, Asia, Latin America, Middle East & Africa.