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Creating a brilliant user experience is key for reaching your conversion targets and getting the most value from your platforms. We’ll show you how web experience design works, the latest in best practice, and how to get the most from your team and digital experience agencies.

Learn how to plan a web presence or site, the role it plays in someone’s path to purchase, and how to deliver a great user experience. Get practical tips for simple ways to improve any screen layout and ensure you maximise the retention of your online audiences.

Find out what to measure to drive optimisation and improve performance over time. Explore how to decide when an app or new platform might be a good idea, and why someone should invest time engaging with you in any digital platform. This puts the most important person at the heart of your design thinking – the customer.

Web experience design & UX design best practice training

Popular web experience marketing training topics currently include…

  • What is web experience design and why does it matter?
  • How do you apply UX design principles?
  • How to apply user experience design thinking to improve a website or app
  • How do you create effective navigation?
  • How do websites work, what’s easy to change, and what creates significant cost?
  • How to use page content and layout to create an effective user experience
  • How to increase website engagement through effective cross-promotion
  • What are the key considerations for creating a great mobile user experience?
  • How to test the mobile performance of your site
  • What are the guiding principles for user experience design?
  • What are the key considerations for apps?
  • How can website analytics help brands improve user experience?

Strong UX can quadruple response rates and conversions. Understanding the principles are key for all marketers in today’s world.

Learn how to make landing pages convert, get people using your websites, or create brilliant app experiences. This training helps make people’s journeys through your digital platforms effortless, your campaigns work more effectively and your website conversions increase.

What’s in this training?

Latest thinking on web & digital experience design

Case studies &
practical examples

Best practice tips &
judgement tools

Adapting website design and UX training for your platforms

We’ll work with you to identify what will make the biggest impact for your teams and the types of platforms you are running. Your Digital Training Academy programme can be adapted to the marketing techniques used in your own sector, and the relevent principles – whether you’re in B2B marketing, B2C marketing, government or B2B2C.