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Learn how the most successful brands engage in social media. Find out the secrets of social media content so you can create thumb-stop moments. Learn the tricks of social media publishing, the best approaches for content creation, and how to adapt content for each of the social media channels.

Learn how to create social media advertising campaigns, apply the right targeting in Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising, get the most relevant audiences in Twitter advertising, and use key regional platforms such as WeChat and Baidu.

What’s in this training?

Latest thinking on social media publishing & advertising

Case studies &
practical examples

Best practice tips &
judgement tools

Social media publishing & advertising best practice training

Popular marketing training topics currently include…

  • How to decide the right channel and content approach in social media
  • How to plan a new social media channel
  • How to use social media in marketing
  • How to identify a strong social media idea
  • How to find and apply your authentic social media voice
  • How does social listening work, and why can it be useful?
  • How to use hashtags in social media
  • How to use paid media to reach the right people
  • How to use Facebook in marketing
  • How to select Facebook advertising formats
  • How to create a Facebook advertising campaign
  • How to use Instagram in marketing
  • How to decide if influencer marketing is relevant for you
  • How to select influencers in marketing
  • How to create an influencer marketing campaign
  • How to create an WeChat marketing campaign
  • How to create an Twitter marketing campaign
  • What is the checklist for social media publishing?
  • How to use WeChat in marketing

Create thumb-stop moments with content that engages. Get your advertising reaching the right people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger tools, WeChat and all key social platforms

Why great social media content is essential

It’s critical for campaigns today. Social channels are where your audience probably spends most of their time, and this training takes you behind the scenes of what we all know as social consumers to show you how to use social as a marketer. By knowing the approach you’ll transform the effectiveness of your projects and boost your ROI.

Adapting our social media training for your campaigns

We’ll work with you to identify what will make the biggest impact for your teams and the types of social media content and social campaigns you are running. Your Digital Training Academy programme can be adapted to the marketing techniques used in your own sector, and the relevant principles – whether you’re in B2B marketing, B2C marketing, government or B2B2C.