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Business life is full of disruption, so you need a partner that’s agile and can adapt to your needs. That’s why we developed approaches to help organisations manage the impact of Covid. We were there for our partners from the moment covid arrived, with virtual workshops for remote working, crisis management communications and training for their customers, to large scale live online events that briefed thousands of internal staff on new approaches we’d helped create.

Your people are your biggest asset. When a crisis like this hits, you need to put them first and find ways to maintain business continuity despite what’s happening in your market and supply chain.

Here are a few solutions we put in place for our clients within weeks of the covid outbreak starting. They’re available to our partners in any country and we have a rapid deployment team to ensure that, for your people and projects, a sudden change isn’t a crisis, and is simply “business as usual”.

Tackling Covid – how brands initially responded

A collection of examples of how brands stepped-up and responded to the challenges and opportunities when the pandemic began.

Move your planned training online

We’ll translate your face to face courses and materials into engaging and interactive elearning, deployed through your existing internal infrastructure or outsourced and wholly managed for you by us. Fast to deploy, we’ll support you with full project management and communications support.

Switch to virtual workshops

Keep your teams planning and thinking by switching your workshop calendar to be virtual. We’ll help you deliver effective virtual engagements, designing approaches that work remotely and facilitating to ensure the outcomes you need.

Build your sharing and coaching community

Use our digital tools to create communities where your teams can ask for advice, share best practice, and enable team leaders to coach junior staff – at a distance. We can lead the approach for you, with full project management and communications support.

Get executive coaching for virtual workshops

We’ve been running elearning and virtual workshops since 2000, so, if your business leaders need to get up to speed, we can coach them to manage their workshops and brainstorms while social-distancing is required. Small changes will have a big impact on your projects and their success.

Switch on additional training

As specialists in marketing and digital transformation, we’ve been creating and running our own elearning courses since 2000. This means there’s an extensive set of training solutions you can instantly switch on for your team as a way to demonstrate your investment in them and offset any face to face training that’s on hold.

Put in place Covid19 crisis management strategies

Your customer-base and your supply chain will probably be behaving differently since the spread of coronavirus. This means you may need to be using your digital channels for crisis management approaches. As specialists, we can help you make the plan, guide on the content, and jointly brief your teams and agencies. And we can do it now.

We’ve been running elearning and virtual workshops since 2000, so if your business leaders need to get up to speed, we can coach them to manage their workshops and brainstorms while social-distancing is required. Small changes will have a big impact on your projects and their success

Get specialist support for workshops & training content creation support

If you need extra resources for creating powerful training or workshop content, we can help. Under your direction, our marketing strategists can create workshop content for face to face or online delivery: multi-media materials, video, interactive learning, workshop kits, virtual workshop environments.

Strengthen your marketing leadership with additional oversight

Need senior experts to help your team’s projects stay on track? We provide oversight and leadership services to help ensure internal stakeholders and agency partners are delivering to your vision. This includes regular check-in and pivots as required so you don’t lose touch with a dispersed workforce. We run online survey tools, focus groups and project tracking to see what’s working and what needs to be tweaked or improved.

Invest in your people

Covid19 is unsettling, even for those who are never physically affected. Coronavirus has brought uncertainty to business and to economies, to families and communities. Taking swift action to create your plan and solutions helps keep your projects and business on track.

Switch to remote working

Working remotely is a key business trend, and we can help you maximise it. Whether the drive is about reducing your cost-base for meeting programmes, reducing air travel in response to environmental concerns, or developing your employer brand by offering people a new work-life balance – remote working is here to help. And we’re here to help remote working. We’re a “remote-first” business ourselves, with team members spanning from Singapore to the United States and our senior team often seconded into client businesses. We’re headquartered in London’s Covent Garden district, but as comfortable and as effective whether we’re working from Shanghai or Sao Paulo. We can help you achieve this too.

We’re agile, responding to the needs of our partners – helping maintain business continuity at a time of disruption