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If you need to give people the knowledge and skills to win in today’s world, and you need the most cost-effective approach, then elearning could be the right solution for you.

Elearning can change behaviours at scale across an organisation. We make it happen. We’ll help you develop the goals for your programme, identify the key elements for your syllabus, create your content and produce the final elearning packages.

What makes for good learning experiences?

We believe it should be:

  • Inspiring and exciting
  • Relevant to your team
  • Easy to digest
  • Giving clear benefits
  • Fast to deploy
  • Mobile-first for an “anytime learning” culture
  • Cost effective to update and easy to manage

Creating the right elearning approach for your teams

Latest thinking in elearning development

Case studies &
practical examples

Best practice tips &
judgement tools

How can we help?

We’re a full-service elearning production house that’s been creating elearning for international brands since 2000.

Whether you need content for your own learner management system, courses you’d like teams to simply have quick access to at the flick of a switch, or a whole new bespoke programme – we make it happen.

We can design for your own learner management system (LMS) or you can use our LMS. We can simply create the content, or also deliver live learning interventions from webcasts to workshops. We have everything you need.

From identifying what training people need, to creating the vision for your programme, to building out the syllabus, to producing the final outputs – we have what it takes.

All the skills you need are accessible through a single partner and can be throttled up and down with your programmes. From animators and videographers, to instructional designers and learning psychologists, to business tutors and course designers, to authors and copywriters, to communications strategists and programme directors, and tutors for real-time learner support – they’re all here for you.

And who trusts us?

We’ve created custom elearning programmes globally for some of the world’s leading organisations and learning populations from a few hundred to 200,000. We’ve developed global programmes for …

Bespoke elearning courses

Coca-Cola needed to train its marketers on key new approaches such as the latest digital marketing thinking and the future of CPG marketing. We created bespoke courses for their whole marketing community, covering all key digital channels, integrated marketing, ecommerce, and advanced courses on the future of marketing. This high-impact elearning programme included films, animations, quizzes, tests, and high levels of interaction.

Bespoke elearning courses

When Unilever needed to train the organisation on new marketing methodologies and approaches, they asked us to create bespoke courses for their whole marketing community covering every aspect of digital and integrated marketing. These were supported by advanced courses for media specialists, and sector-based programmes for priority categories such as food brands. Elearning included films, animations, quizzes, tests, and high levels of interaction.

Bespoke elearning courses

Mastercard needed to deliver online training at scale to keep its teams at the leading-edge of marketing. We developed an extensive programme of cutting-edge training courses and an always-on resource that gave them the knowledge they needed at their fingertips in every meeting and every briefing. The suite of courses was heralded as exceptional, with 100% compliance in the marketing organisation.

Digital marketing elearning

Menarini needed a practical way to strengthen the digital marketing skills of its teams across a large number of countries. We developed a bespoke curriculum of online courses and webcasts to drive new behaviours. Working with digital marketing specialists we assessed people’s training desires and delivered a fully managed multi-year programme that made it effortless for both participants and country managers.

We make elearning easy. You brief us with your ideas, and we make it happen. Since 2000 we’ve been creating elearning for global organisations.

Elearning in a Covid world

When we started in 2000 we had to create the elearning culture. The technologies were tough, business leaders had no experience of on-screen learning, and managers didn’t know what to expect. We believed elearning would be transformative, and from those early courses, we developed approaches that have benefited hundreds of thousands of people.

The Covid pandemic triggered a tectonic shift in elearning. Getting elearning right has never mattered more. We’ll make that happen for you.

Next steps?

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