TMSe launches interactive video technology ClipFlip

Oct 16, 2019 | Ads, Content marketing, Video

TMSe has launched transformative interactive video technology platform, ClipFlip, to help brands generate higher levels of engagement from advertising viewers.

ClipFlip’s interactive features allow content creators to produce compelling videos that can be made more relevant, more informative and more fun for viewers.

TMSe has already been working with brands and retailers to enrich advertising content using this technology.

These videos have generated 60% more clicks, 40% more user engagement and 7% more sales through e-commerce. Viewers also acquired 15% more knowledge about products.

Following these initial campaigns, ClipFlip was officially unveiled to marketers at the recently held DMEXCO conference, in Cologne.

Michael Sturm, CEO and Co-Founder at TMSe, said: “We’re very excited about the potential for interactive video to replace the passive video advertising format, which is standard across the industry. The results these interactive videos generate really speak for themselves. We now can’t wait to push ClipFlip out to the wider market to see how brands and content creators take advantage of its interactive potential.”

Michael added: “It’s fair to say, the reaction to ClipFlip at DMEXCO surpassed expectations. We had brands saying they’ve wanted to produce this type of video for over a decade, but the technology hasn’t been there. Well, now they have the tools to do it. These brands will now be able to enhance their videos and make it much easier for viewers to access additional information and buy their products.”

For Interactive Video Technology in the Middle East and North Africa region, TMSe has partnered up with IAS Media based in Dubai, UAE, who offers it under the name ‘HawkEye’ by Ikontech.

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