The Instagram breakdown: which Influencers are dominating the app? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Oct 14, 2020 | Instagram, Social

The Instagram breakdown: which Influencers are dominating the app? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Being able to sell on social media is becoming more lucrative for businesses. This report investigates the gender split and pay gap for the most followed accounts on Instagram, looking at the top 100 influencers for each category.

It’s no secret that gender roles and pay gaps are still prevalent in companies around the world, with some celebrities taking massive pay cuts in order to match up with their female counterparts.

But have you ever wondered if there’s a similar gender gap for Influencers on Instagram?
PostBeyond has analysed the top 100 followed accounts on Instagram, and can reveal the pay gap as well as the salary each influencer gets paid for a post.

Key findings:

• Just over half (52%) of the top 100 influencers on Instagram are female, with over a third (36%) being male, and 12% belonging to brands.
• Female social media stars are earning the big bucks! Female influencers earn an average of $48,000 per post, whereas male influencers earn $39,000 per post.
• The beauty industry on Instagram has the biggest gender gap, with 89% of the accounts belonging to females, and just 5% belonging to males.
• The art industry on Instagram is the most equal with female and male influencers, both having a 50% split. However, male artists get paid more with an average of $48,000 per post, whereas female artists earn $47,000 per post.

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