Salesforce expands with insurance CRM platform

Sep 25, 2019 | Ads, Content marketing

Salesforce expands with insurance CRM platform
Salesforce has announced new insurance-focused enhancements to its Financial Services Cloud designed to help insurers to build more personalised relationships with policyholders.

As an extension to Financial Services Cloud, insurers now have a unified view of their policyholders – including household relationships and life events– across all lines of business.

“Now, more than ever before, the insurance industry is working towards delivering more relevant and engaging experiences at every stage of a customer’s life,” said Ayan Sarkar, Global Head of Insurance, Salesforce. “By leveraging data and AI and digitising touchpoints, we can now help insurers deliver distinctive experiences. We’re thrilled to partner with insurers on this journey to transform the industry with new insurance innovations for Financial Services Cloud.”

‘With ever evolving consumer expectations, customer experience is key for us, so the implementation of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and Marketing Cloud has been a real game-changer,” said Jon Mansley, Digital Director LV=General Insurance. “Using this technology, we’ve essentially been able to future-proof our business because we’re now able to understand and meet our customers’ needs and expectations, whilst ensuring we stay one step ahead by engaging in relevant conversations with them. The technology is also enabling us to keep pace with what companies outside of insurance are doing, which nowadays is critical as consumers don’t just compare us with other insurers but all the brands they engage with. To be market leaders, we need to be utilising market leading technology, so partnering with Salesforce was the right decision for us.”

The new insurance capabilities in Financial Services Cloud are available today and start at $150 per user per month

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services is generally available and priced at $150 per user per month

Community Cloud for Financial Services will be available at the end of 2019

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