Impact buys Activate influencer marketing platform

Sep 1, 2020 | Ad tech, Online advertising

Impact buys Activate influencer marketing platform
Ad tech firm Impact has bought Activate, a brand and SaaS platform in the influencer industry to boost social media reach from its clients.

The acquisition includes the end to end platform for influencer discovery; reporting; and campaign management, including collaborations across all major social platforms. Together with Impact’s existing influencer platform partners, the combined offering now becomes the #1 global influencer marketplace available today with over 300K opt-in qualified and vetted influencers.

The influencer market is projected to reach £17 billion by 2024. Types of partnerships range from coupon and loyalty to premium publishers to strategic B2B relationships to app integrations – brands understand that influencers offer unique authenticity, reach, and conversions, and thus represent a key component of the overall partnership ecosystem. Impact’s Partnership Cloud automates and simplifies the process of discovering, recruiting, onboarding, optimising and reporting across all types of partnerships, with the most mature clients using partnerships to drive more than 28 percent of total company revenue.

“While many in our industry focus mostly on servicing traditional coupon and loyalty partnerships, Impact is serving the demand of our clients looking for growth from all partnership types,” said David A. Yovanno. “ACTIVATE’s deep expertise within the burgeoning influencer industry strengthens our offering to brand and agency clients by providing the tools to find and manage thousands more quality content creators. Influencers in turn are searching for brand partners and with Impact’s portfolio of the industry’s largest retailers, financial service providers, direct-to-consumer businesses and more, we will truly create partnerships that provide significant growth for both sides. ”

“The influencer industry has transformed from individual creator transactions to valuable, long-term partnerships since the beginning of our company; along the way we saw firsthand the opportunity that online communities and their avid fans provide for brands to connect with their audiences authentically,” said Nicholas DiSanto, ACTIVATE CEO. “It’s a natural fit to pair this within the larger breadth of partnerships led by Impact to drive this new stage of growth in the industry.”

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