UK Government woos international investment with AI-driven campaign

Sep 15, 2017 | Online advertising

LoopMe are working with the UK Governments Department of International Trade to help promote their largest ever international trade and investment campaign.

The campaign titled ‘Innovation is Great’, is part of the wider ‘GREAT Britain’ campaign and is directly aimed at business and governments overseas to showcase the UK’s investments opportunities in and out of the EU.

As a British business specialising in AI and mobile video, LoopMe was selected to deliver this campaign and are highlighted in the creative.

LoopMe’s Artificial Intelligence is driving the Government’s campaign which targets attendees at the technology conference, dmexco in the US and Germany.

The campaign was launched this week (13th Sept) and will run until the 22nd September. It looks to create awareness of the UK’s thriving tech hub via high impact rich media creative.

Consumers will see the welcome ad on their way to dmexco, the ‘Mosaic’ unit, before during and after, and finally the welcome home ad after they attended dmexco. There is also a retargeting aspect of the unit for users who had interacted with the UK Gov unit previously.

As part of the ‘Innovation is Great Campaign’ the Department of UK of International Trade also has a content partnership with Mashable. The creative units are updated via an API connection with the latest articles from Mashable to encourage users to click through. Via their content partnerships, LoopMe has also been highlighted as 1 of 5 British companies leading in advertising technology, alongside Captify and 51 Degrees.

Dr Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade had this to say on the ‘Innovation Is Great’ campaign which was initially launched in January 2017.

“The UK is open and ready for business, and the launch of our largest international trade campaign today is an important step in showcasing the very best of what our country has to offer to the world.

Businesses who trade internationally are more financially stable, creating jobs and giving a boost to local economies at home and abroad.

Our world-leading digital hub will help more businesses tap into the wealth of British business opportunities and provide all the advice and guidance that they need to break down barriers to trading with the UK.”

To read more on the campaign click here.

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