AI case study: IBM Watson takes over video editing

Sep 7, 2021 | Artificial intelligence

TV news is a content-hungry media channel. And in today’s world where content has to be promoted, there’s a need for promotional summaries of content that’s about to be shown and content that just has been shown.

The challenge in news is collating content in near real-time so that it can be broadcast as part of the same program. News companies have all the raw material, but the editing and production are time-consuming – and in a time-sensitive industry, that can be prohibitive. At least until AI came along.

AI changes the way content montages are created. If the AI can learn what a ‘highlight’ at a sports event or in a programme may look like, then it can identify them and combine just them into showreels.

Watch how IBM’s Watson went to the Wimbledon tennis tournament and edited huge amounts of video footage within minutes to produce instant highlights ready for broadcast the moment the matches ended…

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