AI case study: Mulberry’s production reduces waste, thanks to AI

Aug 19, 2021 | Artificial intelligence

Mulberry is a leading-edge brand on the shelves and a leading-edge innovator behind them. Their approach to cutting animal hides used AI to reduce waste, speed up delivery, and strengthen their production process.

Luxury fashion and accessories retailer Mulberry uses a lot of animal skins in its products. The nature of the skins means there are flaws that render some areas of the skin unusable. And there are variations in shapes that mean no two skins are the same. The manufacturer has to work around these to find spaces in the skins that precisely fit the shapes needed for the constituent elements of its products, such as handbags.

What’s the role of AI? It figures out the optimal way to cut the skins, through a process called ‘auto-nesting’. This reduces waste, and reduces the cost of both raw materials and transport. Here’s how the bags are made…

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