Flexa: UK job platform for flexible working goes live

Mar 18, 2020 | Digital marketing skills

Flexa: UK job platform for flexible working goes live
Flexa, a UK-based job platform dedicated exclusively to flexible working, has launched this week.

Employers can use Flexa to tap into the surging demand for flexible working, while candidates can search for full-time roles offering flexible hours, the ability to work from home – and even a dog-friendly workplace.

The site claims to be the first in the UK to focus exclusively on full-time flexible jobs, by only working with companies which offer truly flexible roles – either in location, hours, or both.

Flexa said it aims to bridge the gap between the 68% of people who want to work more flexibly1 and forward-thinking employers keen to tap into the booming demand for flexible hours and remote working.

All the jobs listed on Flexa are full-time. Jobseekers can use its interface to pinpoint roles which fit in with their life – choosing from flexible hours, working from home or even whether the workplace is dog-friendly.

Employers currently offering flexible jobs on the platform include the global financial services giant Allianz, the fintech consultancy 11:FS and design platform Gravity Sketch.

Flexa is rigorous in making sure all employers posting vacancies on its platform offer a genuinely flexible working environment. Managers are also encouraged to provide feedback to everyone who applies for a job listed on the site, whether they interview them or not.

Flexa’s ultimate goal is to be a champion of flexible working and to fix the mismatch between what candidates want and what employers advertise. Research shows 36% of jobseekers see a lack of flexibility in a future role as “a dealbreaker”2, while barely 15% of job descriptions mention flexibility.

Flexa was founded by Molly Johnson-Jones and Maurice O’Brien, two high-flyers who have both experienced the benefits of flexible working. Molly has an autoimmune disease, which can sometimes make it impossible for her to go into the office; co-founder Maurice has extensive experience managing international teams, which performed best when they worked from home regularly or worked hours which suited them.
Molly Johnson-Jones, co-founder of Flexa, comments: “Flexa is about much more than simply offering jobs with better flexibility. It’s about helping people to build a better quality of life while also building a successful full-time career.

“Traditional office-only, fixed hour jobs don’t work for everyone — in fact, they don’t work for most people. The ability to work from home, or during hours which suit workers best, improves productivity – and it can also greatly enhance mental health.

“Despite the surge in the number of candidates who want more flexibility, until now there has been no easy way for employers to appeal to them.

“No longer. Flexa is making it easier for people to have a life as well as a career, and we’re on a mission to help candidates who want flexible work find employers who understand the benefits it brings, both to their staff and to their business.”


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