Gen Z and the beauty industry: Dove most popular among ‘Glow Up’ generation

Jul 13, 2021 | FMCG digital marketing, FMCG digital marketing food and beverages, Healthcare

Gen Z see makeup and beauty care as a form of creativity and are constantly seeking inspiration through video or social content, with Dove and Maybelline among their preferred brands, according to a new report.

Kyra Media has released the findings from its first ‘Gen Z State of Beauty Report’ that explores that particular demographics’ attitudes toward the beauty industry, its brands and products.

With Gen Z as a generation reimagining and challenging beauty norms and 2020 a game-changing year for everyone, Kyra Media dove deep into the beauty category to better understand what beauty means to Gen Z.

The key takeaways from the ‘Gen Z State of Beauty Report’ are:

Skintellectuals: Skincare is widely accepted as a clear signifier of personal wellbeing with Gen Z and is considered an essential method of self care:
o Skincare ranked as the leading segment in the beauty category for Gen Z with Dove as the top skincare brand;
o 75% of respondents have purchased a skincare product in the last 3 months
o A third of respondents don’t wear makeup and focus solely on skincare with an average of 3 products as part of their regular skincare regimen;
o And Gen Z’s can’t do without skincare product: cleanser.

Glowing Up Fast: Experimentation is a key part of being young and expressing yourself, so Gen Z see makeup as a form of creativity and are constantly seeking inspiration through video or social content:
o Gen Z’s favorite cosmetics product is mascara with Maybelline as the top ranking brand;
o A third of Gen Z respondents’ must-have is mascara and foundation ranked lowest as a product they can do without.

The Value of Values: Gen Z expect and demand certain standards to be met by brands in terms of aligning with their values.
o Over a quarter (27%) of respondents have actively bought a beauty product in the last 6 months because of its sustainable initiatives, with the environment and social justice ranking at the top of the list;
o A third of Gen Z are looking to brands for insights and information, which presents brands with a major opportunity to educate.

Trust is a Must: Gen Z want the scoop on beauty from real people who reflect what the world really looks like; this emphasis on transparency and inclusivity is critically important to this generation.
o Gen Z were more likely to add a new cosmetics product to their collection based on a recommendation from a TikTok influencer rather than YouTube or Instagram;
o Customer online reviews are the most influential on Gen Z’s purchase decisions;
o Gen Z are the most open generation yet, with over two thirds welcoming content from beauty influencers who are of a different gender identity than their own.

The Gen Z State of Beauty Report was conducted in May and June 2021 across the US and the UK via Instagram with 3500 participants aged 13-25. Kyra’s expertise in the beauty category includes the creation of Charlotte Tilbury’s first TikTok campaign with Abby Roberts, the first TikTok-native fashion and beauty pub Rag Report, Lancome Skincare’s first TikTok campaign and have been a long-term partner of Maybelline UK.

“Gen Z is literally changing the face of the beauty industry to be more transparent, socially responsible and inclusive. All of these forces will impact the way products are made and marketed – it’s a very exciting time for the industry,” said Marina Mansour, Kyra Media’s Global Head of Beauty Partnerships.


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