Quarter of North American fast food customers using mobile payments

Oct 4, 2017 | CPG, E-commerce and E-retailing, FMCG digital marketing food and beverages

Just over a quarter (26%) of North American fast food eaters are using mobile payments, according to new research.

Fast food brand Subway is in the process of rolling out its new ‘Fresh Forward’ stores across the US, adding self-ordering kiosks with support for mobile payments.

Web monitoring firm Global Web Index looks at the reasons why Subway and other brands should integrate mobile payments into their strategies.

Globally, it’s 44% of Fast Food Eaters who have used a mobile payment service in the past month, with Asia Pacific (51%) in a clear lead thanks to mobile payments being well-established in the market.

KFC and Alipay made headlines recently with their ‘Smile to Pay’ experiment in China, a good example of how comfortable consumers in the region are with new methods of payment.

Despite their lower figures, Fast Food Eaters in Europe (32%) and North America (26%) are above average in their respective regions for paying via mobile.

The benefit from integrating payment methods can go beyond point of sale. Such payment methods can help fast food brands to strengthen ties with their customers via easily integrated financial incentives – across all regions, Fast Food Eaters are much more likely to say they opt for loyalty rewards from brands.

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