DoubleVerify boosts brand safety tool for advertisers on YouTube

Aug 4, 2021 | Ad tech, Content marketing, Online advertising, Online video

DoubleVerify has enhanced its Brand Suitability Tiers, including an extension of their YouTube offering, an introduction of DV’s Brand Safety Floor as a turnkey option and a new tiered category.

DV made their Brand Suitability Tiers available to both advertisers and publishers back in January 2021 to help forge better alignment with appropriate content.

The tool allowed brands to navigate current news cycles to avoid appearing alongside inflammatory news and misinformation.

New enhancements include:

● Brand Safety Floor as turnkey option in DV Pinnacle to improve operational efficiency. It enables advertisers to establish protection against the highest risk content.
● Extending offering to YouTube – advertisers can leverage the turnkey brand safety floor controls and brand suitability tiers across a wide range of digital channels, including the open web, Facebook and YouTube.
● “Death & Injury” – a new Brand Suitability tiered category enabling additional controls over how advertisers can serve ads on inventory associated with those topics.

“DoubleVerify’s Brand Suitability Tiers enable brands to align their advertising dollars with suitable content, which improves performance,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Our new enhancements further empower advertisers to proactively manage their safety and suitability preferences. This, in turn, helps create a stronger digital ecosystem where advertisers are able to support premium publisher inventory while avoiding unsuitable content. DV will continue to work closely with brands, agencies and industry groups to refine current standards and offer unique, best in-class solutions that provide maximum value to advertisers, publishers and platforms.”
“Providing clients with turnkey access to solutions like DoubleVerify’s Brand Suitability Tiers has allowed them to feel more confident in their media placements and achieve a higher rate of brand safety and suitability,” said Yale Cohen, EVP, Global Digital Standards, Publicis Media Exchange (PMX). “We look forward to ongoing innovation in this space and will continue to work closely with MRC-accredited partners like DoubleVerify to find the most optimal brand safety and suitability solutions for the industry.”

With these new enhancements, brands benefit from more granular controls and reporting, enabling them to implement nuanced brand suitability settings and directly measure the impact in reporting. As a result, advertisers can exercise more refined avoidance strategies while preserving campaign scale. Additionally, publishers can access the data and insights they need to analyze inventory and optimize campaign performance relative to suitability during and after the sales process. This transparency enables better optimization and inventory allocation that publishers can leverage in order to maximize the monetization of their supply.

DV pioneered brand safety in 2008 and has been a continuous innovator in the category. With the launch of Brand Suitability Tiers, DV became the first verification company to align product functionality with standards advanced by the 4A’s Advertising Protection Bureau (APB) and World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

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